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Women's Clothing Edits

Thoughts in a garden

“While all the flowers and trees do close,
To weave the garlands of repose!”

Andrew Marvell

This collection celebrates the garden and the peace of a summer’s afternoon. It has been made with love and created in fabrics that are suited to the weather and sway with you. The gossamer chanderi, translucent silk organza and airy cotton have been made even more special with hand painted flowers that have been digitally re-created. The designs have charming embellishments in the form of fabric flowers, hand tucked trimmings with highlights of beadwork and thread embroidery. The silhouettes reflect the colours of the season, in shades of blue, yellow, rose pink and lilac.


The Shadow of Flowers

Hana translated in Japanese is ‘Flower’, even more, beautiful is the ancient art of ‘Hanakatoba’ or the language of flowers, our translation is in the shadows of the flowers in charcoal hued inky watercolours of magnolias in bloom.

A Summer Poem

‘Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.’

- William Wordsworth

A summer poem by Mandeep Nagi is inspired by vintage lace and dreamy summer fabrics. It speaks of flowers freshly in bloom, of green leaves and yellow mustard fields. Using motifs and pastel colours inspired by spring – a season that brings with it the shimmer of new life and early flowering after a long winter slumber.


the light within

Inspired by the shimmering light of the moon, the sheen on mother of pearl, the lightness of feathery woven chanderi, subtle softness of organdie and the grounding nature of khadi cotton and linen. The collection has signature metallic foiled linen discs, french knots, hand embroidery and the use of textured fabrics, giving depth to flowy kalidars and inspired angrakhas. “Reflections” by Mandeep Nagi, is a classic collection that’s not less, not more, just right for these reflective days.


The Wandering Light.

Shades of India Festive Collection 2020  

Sitarah is our muse, the guiding light of the morning star. She shines, she lights up a path of possibilities, and she perseveres as she stands out in the velvet sky. Always shimmering, always shining, and ever-smiling. A festive collection by Mandeep Nagi, for intimate celebrations and festivities on glimmering nights. Inspired by traditional embroidery and heirloom techniques of Marori and Mukka work. An ode to the tattooed skin of the nomadic women of Kutch, community and textile traditions, with motifs inspired from their lives.

|| gulab hath mein ho aankh mein sitarah ho || - Praveen Shakir


The evening light gathers on the palace floor,
the mystery of night is in the air.

Afsana means ’Story’ in Urdu. The collection speaks of many stories, evokes nostalgia and romanticism that draws on the past. Inspired by feminine chintz, the boldness of colour achieved by prints on cotton that had been hammered until they glowed. Designed by Mandeep Nagi, draws on prints from vintage textile pieces and translates the motifs into embroideries, patchwork or fresh prints on fine silk blends or sheer organza. Earthy tones of pale yellow and brown are complemented with lilac and sea green. An innovative interpretation of chintz floral prints into glass bead tassels forms a highlight of the collection wherein translucent glass beads have been shaped by hand into three dimensional flowers and leaves to form embellished bouquets. To create a balance between the historic and the contemporary, this collection also draws on polka dots and stripes as abstract forms that balance the floral motifs.


The light glimmers as she dances into the night.

Dedicated to women, that fill up each corner of portraits of love, in harmony with their power, the ones who flaunt their wildness with flair and choose glamour with streaks of grey. This festive collection celebrates five colour stories in shades of red, green, natural, olive and purple. Its inspiration is from an heirloom kurta embroidered with vintage metal gota - an exquisite technique of a metal-based ribbon used on textiles for festive occasions. Adapted to this collection, it shines with twists and turns of silver and golden-copper thread, like a firefly in flight, on exquisite silks, woven tissue and luxurious velvets.


Simple, soothing serenity.

An early morning ritual, leaning back, reading sweet aromatic literature with open windows and a gentle breeze. A relaxed indulgence in comfort, airy, light, in colours that breathe youth. Fresh silhouettes to reflect the mood of casual ease. Created with fine cotton, fine voiles, and semi-sheers, silk and linen blends, flowy, and layered. With characteristic fine detailing such as pleating, hand embroidery, handmade tassels, and buttons. A collection forging an intimate connection between the garment and the wearer